Course Fee Structure


The above mentioned charges are for course tuition fees only, and do not include other applicable Administration / Service Charges. Please click here for a list of additional Administration / Service Charges.

"Currently AHIC is offering special price for individual courses. Please contact with college or speak with AHIC approved educational consultant for special price."

The following are the fee structure for "United states of america"
Filling Out Forms

International students applying from overseas* must fill out: Streamline Student Visa Framework (SSVF) Questionnaire and Australian Harbour International College Enrolment Form. SSVF Assessment Form and Statutory Declaration Form Statement of Purpose of studying at Australian Harbour International College must be forwarded to Australian Harbour International College Admission department together with the above filled out forms.

*Please contact Australian Harbour International College Marketing or Admission Department

Application Assessment

Once we receive your application we will assess whether you meet the English Language and academic entry requirements for your chosen programme.

Apply for a Student Visa

Once we receive your fee payment, we will issue you with a fee receipt to support your student visa application. 
Visit: for visa requirements and processes.

Planning for Arrival

Plan to arrive at Australian Harbour International College in time to attend the International Student Orientation. Once you have booked your flights, organise your airport pick up and accommodation at least 10 working days before you arrive.


Australian Harbour International College Orientation Program

Student services staff will organise your orientation. On your first day at our college the team will welcome you, answer your questions and give you information about:

  • Your stay in Australia
  • Accommodation, finances and further study
  • Requirements to receive a qualification
  • Certificates issued on successful completion of the course
  • How your skills, knowledge and attitudes will be assessed
  • Recognition of prior learning or recognition of current competency
  • How you can appeal if you don’t agree with your assessment outcome
  • How you can complain if you are not satisfied with any part of the course
  • How you can get extra help with your learning
  • Course timetable and attendance
  • Course content
  • Emergency evacuation procedures
  • Your obligations as a student at our College including requirements for achieving satisfactory course progress
  • You must attend an orientation session and sign off on this activity
Year - 2021
Term Start Date Mid Term End Date Term Break Credentials Release
1st Jan 18 Feb 22 Mar 21 4 Weeks Apr 23
Holiday Mar 22 - Apr 18 4 Weeks
2nd Apr 19 May 24 Jun 20 3 Weeks Apr 23
Holiday Jun 21 - Jul 11 3 Weeks
3rd Jul 12 Aug 16 Sep 12 4 Weeks Oct 15
Holiday Sep 13 - Oct 10 4 Weeks
4th Oct 11 Nov 15 Dec 12 5 Weeks Jan 21
Holiday Dec 13 - Jan 16 5 Weeks

Year - 2022
Term Start Date Mid Term End Date Term Break Credentials Release
1st Jan 17 Feb 21 Mar 20 4 weeks Apr 15
Holiday Mar 21 - Apr 17 4 weeks
2nd Apr 18 May 23 Jun 19 3 weeks Jul 15
Holiday Jun 20 - Jul 10 3 weeks
3rd Jul 11 Aug 15 Sep 11 4 weeks Oct 07
Holiday Sep 12 - Oct 09 4 weeks
4th Oct 10 Nov 14 Dec 11 5 weeks Jan 06
Holiday Dec 12 - Jan 15 5 weeks

Year - 2023
Term Start Date Mid Term End Date Term Break Credentials Release
1st Jan 16 Feb 20 Mar 19 4weeks Apr 14
Holiday Mar 20 - Apr 16 4weeks
2nd Apr 17 May 22 Jun 18 3weeks Jul 07
Holiday Jun 19 - Jul 09 3weeks
3rd Jul 10 Aug 14 Sep 10 4weeks Oct 06
Holiday Sep 11 - Oct 08 4weeks
4th Oct 09 Nov 13 Dec 10 5weeks Jan 05
Holiday Dec 11 - Jan 14 5weeks

Year - 2024
Term Start Date Mid Term End Date Term Break Credentials Release
1st Jan 15 Feb 19 Mar 17 4weeks Apr 12
Holiday Mar 18 - Apr 14 4weeks
2nd Apr 15 May 20 Jun 16 3weeks Jul 05
Holiday Jun 17 - Jul 07 3weeks
3rd Jul 08 Aug 12 Sep 08 4weeks Oct 04
Holiday Sep 09 - Oct 06 4weeks
4th Oct 07 Nov 11 Dec 08 5weeks Jan 05
Holiday Dec 09 - Jan 12 5weeks

Registration Process

The registration process lasts for a maximum of 30 minutes, where the students are asked to fill-out forms and are registered officially in the Student Database Management System.

The registration process consists of the following:

·       Filling-out Student Declaration Form.

·       Registration for Unique Student Identifier (USI), if the student doesn’t have already.

·       Photo taken for Student ID card.

·       Timetable and Units of Competency allocation.

·       Computer and Learning Resource Management (LRM)/Moodle access.

Main Orientation

We assign a certain day for Main Orientation a week before the beginning of the Term. There is a total of 4 main term and 4 mid-term orientations every year. Students will receive an email about the details of the orientation event a week before the event.

During the orientation process, which lasts for about 2-3 hours, students are provided the following information:

·       Australian Harbour International College Policies and Procedures.

·       Australian Culture and Lifestyle.

·       Student Life and Academic Expectations.


After graduation, students have several options available to continue with their studies to pursue higher level qualification or another field of study.

For more information please see this page.